America's Wildest Refuge:  Discovering the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Alaska Geographic is proud to present a stunning new film, "America's Wildest Refuge: Discovering the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge". 


Tucked into a remote corner of Alaska, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a place where wilderness is experienced on an epic scale. From forested lowlands in the south to the towering mountains of the Brooks Range and north to the coastal plain, here is where we can go back in time to see how the earth was before modern civilization.

America’s Wildest Refuge: Discovering the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is an ecological and historical portrait of this place. Meet the early conservationists who helped establish the refuge, the Alaska Natives who rely upon it for their subsistence way of life, and those who look to it for economic sustenance. Get to know the refuge’s wildest residents, including caribou, bears, musk oxen, and the scientists studying them. 

America’s Wildest Refuge is a timely look at a landscape of global significance that leaves the viewer with a visceral sense of place. Discover the natural bounty of the Arctic Refuge, the crosscurrents that forged its past, and the challenges shaping its future.


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An Artery Industries Production

In Partnership with Alaska Geographic and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service

With Assistance from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Teya Technologies

Produced and Directed By: Clint Cowen & Alex Waite

Associate Producers: Kelly Hearn & Christine Cobb

Director of Photography: Colin Hargraves

Editors: Colin Hargraves & Bill Macomber

Story By: Kelly Hearn & Alex Waite

Written By: Stephen Eder

Original Score By: Iain Archer

Narrated By: Jamie Hanes


Running Time: 55:25

English subtitles

© 2010 Alaska Geographic

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