bering-land-bridge-logojpgBering Land Bridge National Preserve
One of the most remote park areas in the country, this 2.7 million-acre preserve offers adventurers a wild, backcountry experience. Come explore the past and see ancient geologic formations, gold rush remains, traditional Native lifestyles, and what’s left of the last ice age.












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• Discover the animals that roamed Alaska during the last ice age at the visitor center.

• Fly out to Serpentine Hot Springs and stay overnight in the bunkhouse.

• Explore gold rush era remains but leave any artifacts behind.

• Visit a traditional Eskimo village and learn about their unique subsistence lifestyle.

• Watch for raptors, waterfowl, and rare Asiatic species here at the crossroad of the Asiatic-North American flyway.

Natural Highlights

• Mammals living in the preserve include the grizzly bear, reindeer, wolf, wolverine, fox, and musk ox.

• Geologic wonders include Serpentine Hot Springs, the most popular site in the park where travelers come to relax, hike, observe wildlife, and experience the Native Inupiaq culture.

Historical Highlight

The 55-mile stretch of water that today separates Alaska from Siberia was once dry land. This land bridge, known as Beringia, was actually 1,000 miles wide and allowed for migration into the Americas.

Cultural Highlights

• Archeological discoveries in the preserve date human inhabitants to 9,000 years ago.

• The Inupiat Eskimos of Little Diomede Island in the Bering Strait live just three miles from Russia.

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