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More Readings from One Man's Wilderness

The Journals of Richard L. Proenneke 1974-1980

Edited by John Branson

Price: $24.95
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An icon of wilderness, Dick Proenneke built his own cabin on Twin Lakes in Lake Clark National Park. His was not the first cabin built in the remote Alaska wilderness, but it stands out for its remarkable craftsmanship, which reflects his unshakeable wilderness ethic. Using his own labor and only hand tools, many of which he fashioned himself, he began work on the cabin in 1967 at the age of 51 and lived there for more than 30 years, until he was 82.

From his first visit to Twin Lakes in 1962, Proenneke kept a journal. The publication of his 1968-1969 journals in 1973, "One Man's Wilderness," was largely responsible for making Proenneke a public figure - and putting Twin Lakes on the map. In this edition readers find him going about his daily chores, documenting wildlife behavior, and participating in the creation of Lake Clark National Mounment in 1978-79 and later the National Park and Preserve in 1980.

John Branson spent time with Dick Proenneke at this cabin and in the wilderness. He taught social studies in Naknek, Alaska in 1969-1970. Branson is a historian for Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.

Product details
Publisher: Alaska Geographic and Lake Clark National Park and Preserve
1st edition, 2005
496 pages
Size: 10 x 7
Product type: paperback
ISBN 9780930931780

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"1980-beyond" - February 21, 2015
will the later years of journal's be published/1980 and beyond? very enjoyable reading.
"YES!!" - November 16, 2012
I echo that sentiment,,,,,,
""Superb"" - November 16, 2012
Have just finished reading the 2nd of John Bransons books, "The Early Years". I, too, echo the plea,,Please John, publish more of these journals. They satisfy a hunger in many who only can read of the life they would have loved to live. Excellent reading, thank you!
"More, More, More!" - June 11, 2009
If you enjoyed One Man's Wilderness, this is a MUST read. Incredible insight to an extraordinary life. Please Mr. Branson, have more of Mr. Proenneke's journals published!!
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