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Our Story

Readings from Southwest Alaska: An Anthology

Edited by John Branson and Tim Troll

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Bristol Bay, Alaska. A place of mythic natural abundance. Protected from the wider world by mountains and sea, it is a wild pristine region with rich cultures and a long history revolving around the world's greatest salmon fishery. Southwest Alaska is one of the world's last remaining intact ecosystems--home to Native peoples as it has for millenia. Our Story is the second edition of an anthology of the history and anthropology of Bristol Bay. Readers are introduced to the diverse histoy of the Southwest Alaska Native cultures and the transformative Russian and American periods of exploration and colonization. From first hand stories to scholarly works, Our Story includes writings on the history of the salmon fishery, descriptions of Russian sea otter hunting and beaver trapping practices, health and living conditions of the nienteenth and early twentieth centuries, and the creation of Katmai National Monument.

Product details
Publisher: Alaska Geographic
2nd edition, 2006
218 pages
Size: 11 x 8.5
Product type: paperback
ISBN 978-0930931810

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