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The Early Years

The Journals of Richard L. Proenneke 1967-1973

John Branson, Editor

Price: $24.00
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This second volume of the journals of Richard L. Proenneke covers the early years in which he moves to Twin Lakes, builds his cabin and encourages the writing of One Man's Wilderness by his friend Sam Keith. Here you read Proenneke's own diary entries during the same period, and gain greater insight into his character.

Visited by neighbors, both four-legged and two-legged, Dick Proenneke's life at Twin Lakes was a rich existence. Lucky for us he was a devoted writer, capturing in his journals life in Alaska's wilderness — the ebb and flow of nature and the daily lives of those making their home in the wilderness that would become Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.

Product details
Publisher: Alaska Geographic
571 pages
Product type: softcover
ISBN 9780982576533

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"Getting the most from 'The Early Years'" - March 08, 2013
I have previously read both 'One Man's Wilderness' and ' More Readings from One Man's Wilderness'. Now I have 'The Early Years' and find it the best of all. It is Dick Proenneke's personal journal of his first experiences at Twin Lakes- beginning when he committed himself to building a cabin of his own and living in the Alaskan wilderness for the long haul.

I have a suggestion regarding making better sense when reading about his fascinating life: first read 'One Man's Wilderness' to get a clear overview of Proenneke's motivation, his philosophy and how he established his life at Twin Lakes. Then read 'The Early Years' to find out in his own words the details of his work to establish a new life at Twin Lakes.

Don't allow yourself to be possibly put off by the first chapter which covers 1967 when he was living at the lake in a friend's cabin and just spending time hiking and fishing and taking photos. The real fun begins in the next chapter when he returns in May 1968 to build his cabin by hand from scratch and begin living there full time.

Only after reading these first two books would I read 'More Readings from One Man's Wilderness' which covers the years after he is well established and becomes involved in the discussions and efforts to make Twin Lakes a part of a national Park and wilderness area.

'The Early Years' is fascinating reading, and fills in many, many interesting details that are not covered in 'One Man's Wilderness'

"Again, please bring us more!" - January 23, 2013
More insight of those early years beyond One Man's Wilderness. Can't get enough of RLP's writings. So please bring the "later years" to print!
"Worth the price!" - August 24, 2012
I will be honest, the overall price almost scared me away from buying this book. When shipping was figured in it cost me almost $40 (I live in NH), and mind you, this is for a softcover book. But in the end I am glad I got it. The book is hefty, the pages a quality material and bleach white, and the photo pages glossy and in color. I had bought a copy of the first collection of journals from the later years last year, not realizing that it was not an "official" copy, and what I got was basically larger sized paperback, with the same kind of page material and blurry black and white printed photos. This book is everything that cheap bootleg book was not! What is most interesting about this new collection of journals is to take the Sam Keith version of One Man's Wilderness and compare Dick's journals to the paraphrased and heavily fluffed up version Mr. Keith published! Overall it was worth the cost!
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One Man's Wilderness
One Man's Wilderness

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More Readings from One Man's Wilderness

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