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William D. Berry: 1954-1956 Alaska Field Sketches

Elizabeth Berry

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William D. Berry (1926-1979) was a nationally known and skilled wildlife artist. He spent a lifetime studying and drawing with his disciplined skills, captured Alaska's creatures and their habitats in works that are both scientifically accurate and artistically compelling. From his childhood in the southwestern desert to the closing days of his life in the taiga forest of Alaska, Berry was absorbed by the diversity of living creatures with which he shared the world. Years of observation gave him a singular capability to perceive animals; years of study and practice gave him an equally singular ability to convey them to observers through an array of artist's media. Fox cubs or caribou, his animals are what you might see - if you had his patience or powers of observation. Each fully rendered creature has its own character, presented with respect for its individuality as well as accuracy for its species characteristics.

Product details
Publisher: University of Alaska Press
230 pages
Size: 11 x 9
Product type: Book
ISBN 0912006366

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